Freedom Takes Change
Offering help in Maine
with Addiction, Recovery, and Support

    What we do for those in recovery.

    First, we work with people who have been released from prison to adjust into society while staying in recovery. There are many ways we can do this from helping them to find support groups to helping them to get some needed household items if possible. Many of the daily tasks we think nothing of can be huge tasks for the person who just got released from prison, life at this time can be very overwhelming so we help keep things together. Our efforts are designed to make the adjustments from prison to the public as smooth as possible. 

    We also have a program where we refurbish donated computers for and give them to people who would like to better their lives by going back to school. It was a donated computer that helped me get my first college degree and now, we have success stories about others who have been able to go to college because of the computers and support we were able to provide them.     

                                        These computers are offered to: 

    1. The person in recovery who has served time in prison and wants to go to school to better his or her life. 

    2. Loved ones at home whose lives are affected by someone who is currently in prison and they would like to get an education to better their lives.

     We do this not just to lower the recidivism rate and help the newly released person but to also help all the family and loved ones whose lives are affected by this person. Education is something that everyone will benifit from which is why we are a resource for all to use and offer to help in any way we can.

    The second part of what we do is educate medical professionals about the prescription drug trade and addiction problems as well as talk about the various street methods for acquiring these drugs . We also talk about some of the different reasons why active users choose certain medications over others.  This part of the program is an effort to educate people by making them aware of the prescription drug trade and the annual overdose problems that occur as a result of illegal misuses of prescription medications.
Please contact us at if you would like to book a speaking engagement.

    Can we help you with your Recovery?

    We will do anything and everything in our ability to help those in need who are reaching out. However, because of geographies we cannot reach everyone so a large part of how we can do this is by helping you to find someone in your area that can better help. The goal here is that you get the help you are reaching out for and certainly deserve to have.  Please email us at for further information about support programs near you.

    Future Goals

    Our goals at the Freedom Takes Change Organization are to help those in need and assist in making life better for those who desire it. We want to help people find work, get an education, and live in recovery so please join us in support of making society a better place one act of kindness at a time.

    Please Help Us Provide Services for Recovery

    The Freedom Takes Change Organization is Tax Exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

    Please make Your Tax Exempt Donation to the Freedom Takes Change Organization and let us work hard at helping people find a better future.

    The Freedom Takes Change Organization is run entirely off your tax exempt donations so donating any amount of money would be greatly appreciated. 

        When people in our society are dealing with such problems we are all affected in one way or another so please offer a helping hand and make a difference in someone's life by making a donation.

    For any additional information regarding donations please email us at: 


Thank you for your valuable support,

Steve Plummer, 

Executive Director & Founder:
Freedom Takes Change


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