We think up our own fortunes and our actions are the result of these thoughts


We can be really good at slipping on the things we put in our own way.  
"The most effective road to recovery does not lie through force but through friendship"
Abraham Lincoln
"We are what we think."
  Freedom Takes Change
Offering help in Maine
with Addiction, Recovery, and Support

Recovery and Addiction

    When dealing in addiction and recovery one of the normal situations that we encounter on a daily bases with the people we work with can be illustrated by suggesting that the person in recovery is like an actor who we will name John.  John is trying to do a play on Broadway without help of any kind, no other actors, no props, no writers, no director, and no set stage. When John gets on the stage all he can see are the lights shining directly into his eyes. With eyes squinting and hand raised the person attempts to see the audience but to no avail, the lights are just too bright. John will try to put on the play to the best of his ability but without other actors, props, a director, and a properly set stage it will most likely end up having less than good results.

    Now John has people in the business that want him to do well so they try to offer help the best way they can. However, John will not let them on his stage so they do what they can from the sidelines by offering cue cards and whisper parts on lines when needed but this does not help and the play is still going to end up being a flop. No matter how many times John tries to put on a successful show, if he is doing it the same way over and over, then he will continue to get the same results. To make matters even worse, he will get better at doing things the wrong way and end up producing the bad results even faster especially now that he is better known by the people who will end up taking him off the stage.

    Now if John was to accept help, from other actors, a writer, a director, a stage crew and prop people then what he would end up with is a play that would produce good results.

    The same can be said for the person dealing with an addiction or trying to live in recovery, again calling him John and instead of acting alone he is dealing with everyday situations and problems alone. These situations are going to be dealt with in a way that is familiar to John. Even if the results end up being bad it is the only way he knows so he pushes on until it all comes to that all too familiar end. 

    Here is where we can be an incredible help, even though the change has to be done by John himself the Freedom Takes Change Organization with the help of family and loved ones can help set the stage, make the props, and be the other actors. However, in order for you to be the best help you can be you need to get involved and be a part of his life, even when he is pushing you away. Keep in mind that hurt people, hurt people so do not be offended just keep helping. Make sure you bring in people who do this for a living and do not accept the isolated behavior as acceptable, it is not healthy and will only make matters worse. Getting others involved, whether they are professionals in the field like substance abuse, mental health, or family counselors, sponsors, recovery coaches, supports groups, and even some supporting church groups are also a great way to be getting the best help you can get, most of these people have dedicated their lives to this and can be very helpful. 

    What is even better about the many types of recovery support groups and their members is that more than likely John will be able to relate to them and they to him. This means that through the commonalities of their addiction and recovery experience they are able to be a level of support that is much needed  for the rough road ahead. When in these recovery support groups he will be able to get a sponsor, one who will work closely with him and be there when times get tough. A sponsor is always just a phone call away and with going to meetings regularly then there is a good chance that the foundation for a healthy recovery is being well built.

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